Behind The Wall | Luna C, Melissa Benz | 2018

Ebony goddess Luna C and gorgeous brunette Melissa Benz are both engrossed in playing with their pussies as Andrej Lupin’s sizzling erotic movie “Behind The Wall” begins. Dressed in sexy lingerie they each lie on their bed, Luna with her breasts exposed and her panties pulled to one side so she can slide her fingers sensually up and down between her pussy lips, before thrusting them inside and frigging herself to an orgasm. With just a wall separating their bedrooms, Luna, still trembling from her climax, looks in on Melissa and is delighted to discover her stroking her shaved pussy, panties around her knees, her body jerking uncontrollably as she orgasms. When Melissa opens her eyes she is momentarily startled to find Luna smiling at her mischievously, but Luna’s lips swiftly dissipate her shock, kissing her passionately. Luna spreads Melissa’s legs and eats her succulent pussy, tongue pushing into her juicy hole, making her gasp with arousal. When Luna replaces her tongue with her fingers, rotating them hard against Melissa’s splayed lips, the cute brunette’s cries grow louder, and her body shakes as she’s consumed by a searing orgasm. Now horny Luna strips naked, straddles Melissa’s face, and lowers her juicy pussy onto her mouth. Melissa responds by tongue-drilling her skilfully, and she is overcome by wave after wave of intense pleasure, which she intensifies by grinding down until she cums with an orgasmic howl. Still eager for more, they bring each other off with their fingers one more time, Melissa licking Luna’s slick slit until she’s finally sated. They kiss through the afterglow, content in the knowledge that they are ideally suited as roommates, and as lovers.

Rates : 21

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