Catalan BDAY | Caomei Bala, Sylvan | 2018

Sexy Caomei Bala treats birthday boy Sylvan to a surprise lap dance in Alis Locanta’s erotic movie “Catalan BDay.” Looking sensational in her skintight white dress and heels, the hot redhead grinds against Sylvan, kissing him passionately. He tugs down her dress to suck on her beautiful breasts and flick his tongue over her stiffening nipples. Lifting Caomei onto the dining table in front of him, Sylvan nuzzles her feet, then spreads her thighs and pulls aside her purple panties to expose her hairy pussy. He laps at her plump lips and thrusts a finger into her wet slit, making her moan with pleasure. Caomei kisses her man to taste herself from his lips, then pushes him back into his chair and unzips his pants. She sucks his swelling dick until it’s rigid, bobbing her head to take it deep. Caomei gets naked and straddles Sylvan, bouncing up and down the length of his cock, her perfect tits jiggling with each stroke. She rides hard, rocking her hips, then spins around into reverse cowgirl, humping his thick cock even more frenziedly. She rubs her clit, shaking wildly as her orgasm overwhelms her. Sylvan bends Caomei over the table and plows into her from behind, slamming into her like an express train, their naked flesh slapping together loudly with each thrust. He sits Caomei on the table again and fucks her face-to-face, before she jerks and sucks him until he spurts his hot load all over her gorgeous breasts. It’s the birthday treat of any guy’s dreams.

Rates : 24

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