Ecstatic Erotic Massage – Mira (2017)

Film can do many things, but one of its greatest gifts is the power of intimacy. It can take you somewhere so personal that you almost feel like you’re living inside the motion. And some films can be so intimate it feels even more real than reality itself.
This is such a film. A clean white bed sits amidst whispering palms in a tropical paradise. The couple enters, naked. They touch foreheads, she sits in his lap, he lies on top of her. Then he begins to oil her body and fully explore her sensual openness.

And the intimacy grows deeper and deeper. It takes your breath away. She gasps, he probes, he rubs, she quivers. And near the end, the female model even loses control, steps out of script, and reaches for her partner’s throbbing, erect member. She was supposed to be a passive receiver, but things happen…

And that’s just how real and genuine this film is. And we are there for the entire journey, from initial calm embrace to wild thrusting orgasm. It is truly an amazing encounter: two beautiful people going to heaven together. And you get to come along.

Rates : 4

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