Educational Penis Massage (2017)

Penis massage comes in as many shapes and sizes as the organ itself. There’s jelqing, or using the thumb and forefinger like a cock ring. There’s the anvil stroke, or thrusting downward from top to bottom repeatedly. And there’s the milking technique, which slowly and smoothly teases out the holy juice.

But if you prefer to see such worship in action, this is the film for you. In a veritable primer on how to please the phallus, this amazing video is exactly what you need to experience the transcendence of “holding it until you can’t anymore.” Have fun seeing how long you can last.

So whether you’re watching it alone or sharing it with a lover, we recommend you take what’s here as a guide. Come along as our masseuse rubs the model in all the right ways to finally deliver him gloriously in the end. It’s a true lesson in how taking your time can bring the biggest gifts.

Rates : 7

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