Finesse | Katy Sky, Tiffany Tatum | 2018

Gorgeous lovers Katy Sky and Tiffany Tatum are locked in a passionate kiss as Andrej Lupin’s stylish erotic movie “Finesse” begins. As their tongues dance, Tiffany slips a hand between sexy blonde Katy’s legs and rubs her pussy. Appreciative of the attention and craving more, Katy peels off her tight dress and lies back with her long legs spread so Tiffany can flicker her tongue in and out of her juicy slit. Naked and gasping with pleasure, Katy tugs at the erect nipples of her big, beautiful breasts. Tiffany gets naked too, sinking her fingers into Katy’s soaked pussy, thrusting faster and harder as Katy howls with pleasure and arches her back to force them in deeper. She starts to shake uncontrollably, sinking down as a wave of orgasmic delight engulfs her. Tiffany straddles Katy’s pretty face, and Katy laps at her hot pink folds, sliding her tongue around to savor her sweet stickiness, while fondling a breast with one hand as the other diddles her clit. Tiffany holds Katy’s head tighter against her pussy, seeking deeper penetration. The tattooed brunette grinds on Katy’s mouth, yelping with excitement as an intense orgasm sweeps through her. Breathless but eager for more, she lies back between Katy’s open legs, playing with her own clit while Katy finger-bangs her sodden hole until she climaxes again, even more wildly than the first time. There’s no denying that these hot babes show great “Finesse” when it comes to satisfying their sexual cravings.

Rates : 5

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