First Time Tantric Massage – Charlotta, Anaya (2017)

It’s always exciting to watch someone go through something for the first time. But when that someone is Anaya and that something is Tantric Massage, the excitement is off the charts. It’s a true joy to watch this young woman be initiated into the sensual rites.

This film is an incredible inside glimpse into an intensely intimate experience. Anaya lies relaxed and calm on the table. The masseuse gently prepares her body, stroking her with soft fingers, giving her a few sweet kisses on the buttocks. You can literally see the goose bumps swell on Anaya’s skin. She has no idea what’s about to happen, but it’s clear she’s ready for it.

As the oils are rubbed into her cocoa flesh, the energy accelerates. The masseuse probes and strokes Anaya in her lower chakras. Her body trembles. Her sex organs swell. Her mouth opens in moans of pure joy. Tantra is uniting her spiritual and physical realities, and she is releasing years of desire into the heavens.

It’s Anaya’s first Tantric Massage. You won’t forgive yourself if you miss it.

Rates : 2

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