Mutual Lesbian Tantra Massage – Charlotta, Mia (Hegre / 2017)

There’s an almost celestial power that occurs when two women become sexual with each other. Perhaps the lack of phallus brings about a fantasy state that is more powerful than reality. Perhaps nature is seducing them to fulfil their ancient sisterly purpose.
Be that as it may, what you get in this video is mythic in scope. Amidst glowing candles and tomb-like walls, our models strip down and begin the pleasure rituals. No desire is left unexplored.

One of our Goddesses is experienced, and the other is more virginal, and fumbles nervous but excited. In this mentor/student scenario, the knowledge is primal and intense. When Gia performs cunnilingus for her first time, the genuine emotions that burst forth will leave you shaking.

Let’s face it – women know each other in a way that is more intimate than any man can ever know them. And that intimacy breeds knowledge. And that knowledge breeds discoveries of Tantric passion unparalleled.

So you’re invited, but you only get to watch. Our guess is you won’t complain.

Rates : 7

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