Patrol 10 – Illegal Street Racers get more than they bargained for (BlackPatrol / 2016)

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

We got a call down in Overtown about an apparent Illegal Street Race going on. When we arrived on the scene we found that the suspects were riding around on Dirt bikes and Atvs. We pursued the suspects who were intimidating us as they evaded arrest. One suspect a black tall man was stopped finally when his ATV broke down. We quickly apprehended that suspect and dragged him to our squad car. Once we had him in custody, we got a good look at him and decided that we weren’t going to take him in, instead we took him to an abandoned warehouse in Alapattah and made him eat our sweaty pussies and made him like it. He knew he was cornered so he let us suck his dick and then we took turns fucking his big black dick. After he came we let the suspect walk home and took his Atvs to the impound.

Rates : 10

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