Patrol 6 – Car Jacking Suspect gets the “Jacking” he deserves (BlackPatrol / 2016)

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It was Another night in the hood. The milf cops received a disturbance call in the neighborhood and came into investigate. Upon arrival these hot cop sluts discovered that two suspect car thieves had been stalking the parking lot. The sexy lady cops chased down the suspects but only managed to get one. It was all they needed. The milf cops asserted their authority over this suspect. Pulling his dreadlocks and letting him know who’s in charge. After they asserted their will and dominance over this would-be robber they decided it was time for him to lick their pussy. Then these milf cops fucked him right outside in the parking lot until he bust in their pretty slut cop mouths. Justice had been served.

Rates : 8
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  1. Vedhagiri / September 14, 2018

    Very nice video s

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