Sneaky Starlet | Sheridan Love, Robby Echo

After being featured in a TV commercial, sexy Sheridan Love has let it get to her head, now considering herself a starlet of sorts. While her son is annoyed by her diva-like behavior, his college buddy Robby Echo recognizes her from her commercial, and is more than happy to lend Sheridan a hand with whatever menial tasks she asks of him. When she asks Robby to run her a bath, she strips out of her robe, putting her massive tits on display, leaving Robby in awe of her incredible naked body. Robby think it’s time to go after Sheridan’s bath is ready, but she doesn’t want him to go anywhere! She teases him as she soaps up her tits before she pulls out his dick, and sucks and fucks her young fan!

Rates : 54
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